Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DFest Headliners Announced

The headliners for the annual DFest music and arts festival were announced Tuesday morning. The lineup looks to be a pretty good one. I'm sure I will attend but the excitement that came with previous years isn't there for this one. 90's rock band Black Crows are headlining the event...they haven't had a hit in over a decade.

Rumors abounded for weeks involving headlining acts the Beastie Boys and The Killers. These rumors, as it turns out, aren't true.

Maybe we're another year away from a hugely successful, nationally recognized music festival in Tulsa. Or maybe it just won't ever happen.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

...Tom Waits completely rocked the Brady Theater in downtown Tulsa last week. Here are some highlights.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Widening Eyes to the Refusal to Widen Roads

Mayor Kathy Taylor has a plan. A $2 billion plan to widen city streets in Tulsa. Five of them. In south Tulsa.

Never mind how narrow the streets are in midtown, specifically Peoria between 21st and 31st, Lewis Ave. from 15th south to about 51st, and sections of Utica, Harvard, and Yale in midtown. So the city has decided to widen roads where the roads are already more manageable than midtown. We midtown-ers appreciate that, very much...assholes.

The best part and highlight of the whole road-widening drama is Councilor Bill Christiansen's (who is a big cock, by the way) comments as quoted to Fox 23 news,

"The citizens in south Tulsa pay a lot in taxes, they live in big homes and I think at the end of the day, if you look at the quality of life issue we need to widen the streets in south Tulsa."

If this isn't his "let-them-eat-cake moment", I'm not sure what else will be. The lack of outcry from the residents in the neighborhood south of Utica Square is bizarre and lost on me. It's almost as if dividing lines have been drawn between south, mid and north, and the councilor isn't even trying to disguise whose side he's on.

Girl Talk...Tonight!

Tulsa, OK. Cain's Ballroom

Tickets at the door.

Tulsa Drillers New Home

I have to give city leaders their due on a great choice for the new location of the Tulsa Drillers ball park. It was originally reported the ball park would be in the east village of downtown (1st-6th and Elgin), but now it is being reported the new ball park will be north of there, around the intersection of Archer St and Greenwood.

This is a great choice. It allows more venues and restaurants to open up in the east village, yet still maintains its vicinity to those same establishments (i.e. El Guapo's Cantina and McNellie's). This should work out great for the city, particularly downtown Tulsa. And if the folks in Jenks and Bixby have a problem with it, oh well. They can stay home.